At BBC Packaging, we specialise in packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products made from recycled plastic and recyclable RPET.

Custom packaging

If you have a product that needs to be packaged, our designers and creative team can give shape to your ideas.

Standard packaging

We have a large catalogue of thermoformed moulds and holders with the most common sizes of ampoules and vials, according to European standards.

Manufacturing equipment

Recycled plastic and recyclable RPET: Made from previously used PET products. Can be recycled again.


Our packaging manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process and the materials used are designed to protect the products from environmental impurities. In addition to being perfect for protecting vials and ampoules from damage during handling and transportation.



Thermoformed trays and holders for ampoules in white or transparent RPET and white PS. The most standard sizes in the European market. Models ranging from 2ml to 10ml.

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Thermoformed moulds and holders for double tip ampoules in white or transparent RPET and white PS. Ø 16.25 Ampoules 10 ml max 110 mm.

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Moulds and holders for white or transparent RPET and white PS vials. Different models depending on the length of the vial.

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High quality transparent PVC trays for aluminium sealed capsules that can be customised.

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Transparent PVC tablet blisters. Quick opening design with customisable aluminium.

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