At BBC Packaging, we manufacture and design highly durable technical packaging for the industrial sector/products.

Custom packaging

At BBC Packaging, we manufacture containers and packaging specific to the industrial sector in which our designers work, creating pieces with maximum safety, unpacked for ease of mobility in supply chains and machinery and with space optimisation in mind.


Our packaging manufacturing process

We manufacture our products by thermoforming from thick plastic sheets. The applications are very diverse, e.g. in the manufacture of reusable transport trays for the automotive industry or parts for transport vehicles.


Transport trays

Suitable for delicate products that cannot be shipped in bulk.

These trays are particularly suitable for automated loading and unloading systems.

Multi-purpose trays for the automotive industry

Large reusable trays. Made from materials up to 10 mm thick.

They protect and accompany a wide variety of products, offering optimum protection. Sheet thermoforming process for drawer interiors.

Drawer interiors

Sheet thermoforming, combined with the finishing of the pieces in 5-axis machining centres, makes it possible to obtain pieces with an exceptional final appearance, ideal for the interior or exterior trim of vehicles.