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About the company

Are you manufacturers?

Yes, we offer a complete service. From design and manufacture of tools to the production and delivery of the finished product.

Do you work to order?

Yes, thanks to the absolute commitment of our team, we provide unique solutions to satisfy our customers. Our challenge is to turn customers’ requests into reality, and give shape to their ideas.

What type of packaging do you manufacture?

We are specialists in plastic materials and packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors. Please consult our catalogue here.
However, our R&D, as well as the fact that we have our own integrated workshop for the manufacture of moulds and other tools, allow us to comply with any request from our customers.
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Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, we design recyclable products and packaging that promote closed-loop systems.

How about your delivery times?

Punctuality and quality of delivery is a top priority for us and we take pride in the accuracy, reliability and time keeping of our company.

Do you develop moulds?

Yes, we have an integrated workshop where we develop and manufacture our own moulds.

About our materials

At BBC Packaging, we want to be an absolutely trusted partner to all our customers, thus we rely heavily on materials such as R-PET, which is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, and our manufacturing process allows us to achieve zero waste levels. This affects both the cost of our products and the overall environmental footprint of our entire packaging process.

What type of plastic do you use?

R-PET, 100% reciclado y 100% reciclable.

Para fabricar nuestros productos utilizamos:

PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This material is 100% recyclable.
RPET. Made entirely from recycled PET, it is a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

How do you recycle plastic?

We collect, sort and recycle the plastic we use, thus closing the cycle of this material.
Once the manufacturing process of our products is finished, waste and residues are transferred to the recycling plant.
In the recycling plant, all the waste generated in our factory is compacted and crushed into pellets, which are melted and rolled.