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A team

We are a team consisting of enthusiastic professionals with a several years of experience in the packaging field. Our primary goal is to offer the highest quality products, carefully developed and adapted to the particular needs of every client.

The beginning

Our main historical activity and field of expertise is the thermoforming process using automated machines working from rolls, and with usual thickness between 0,15mm and 1,5mm, for a vast variety of packaging and activity sectors. In addition, we also believe in the need to master our own moulds and tools.


For over the last two years, we have initiated a phase of diversification of our activity. Our commercial strategy is based in optimizing our relationships with our clients, offering new products and services, as well as opening a wide array of new markets. We are absolutely convinced that the current climate demands for this strategic vision which, we believe, will strengthen our company´s position to rise to the challenges presented by the future.


As such, and following this guidelines, we have expanded our line of business with the ability of using the thermoforming process from sheets to be used for larger and thicker pieces, applicable for a wide variety of sectors, such as in the automotive sector to produce reusable transport trays or automotive pieces of transport.

A complete offer

We are also taking advantage of our historic relationships with the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with laboratories specialized in dietary and cosmetic products, to offer not only the normal thermoformed trays, but also a new range of ampoules and vials made of glass and their respective closures, PVC/PVDC, printed aluminium foils…

The challenge

The challenge is as important as is exciting. Our whole team is ready and will be delighted to study your specific needs to provide your business with the highest quality products, which we are certain, will exceed your expectations.

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